February 17, 2023

Classifying Real Estate: The Different Types of Investment Markets Explained


The success of your property investment significantly depends on the investment decisions you make. This also includes choosing the right type of real estate investment market that matches your long and short-term investment goals. It’s safe to say that substantial knowledge of the real estate market can significantly help in making your investments worthwhile.

If you’re new to real estate investing, here are the three most common types of investment markets that you should know about.


Primary Real Estate Markets

The first investment market you should look at is the primary real estate market. In real estate lingo, these markets are also referred to as established markets or markets that serve as an investor’s gateway. 

Essentially, primary markets include massive cities and urban centers with large population growth and rich history of commercial development. It’s for this reason that primary markets are known as established markets. Unlike others, these markets are already good to go in terms of their large population size, economic stability, and urban infrastructure.

Cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Orlando, Illinois, and Washington DC are excellent examples of primary real estate markets. Keeping their skyrocketing economy in mind, investing in a primary real estate market allows you to generate instant profits due to the diversity, innovation, and higher income trends in these areas. This is one of the reasons why these markets significantly add to a country’s GDP too.



Colorful Chicago River Reflection and Downtown Night Scenery. Chicago



Secondary Real Estate Markets

Now that we know what primary real estate markets look like, the next type to look at is that of secondary real estate markets. Unlike primary markets, secondary markets consist of a decent population size with a slow yet steady workforce and job growth. Many investors call them ‘magnet markets’ because they serve as the ideal locations for businesses and real estate enthusiasts to start and develop successful market trends.

There’s no doubt that secondary markets are incredibly high in demand in the real estate industry due to their potential to grow and generate unmatched revenues from short-term rentals, multi-unit buildings, and vacation home rentals.

Some cities that serve as secondary real estate markets include Austin, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. Today, the majority of real estate development and investment occurs in these markets because they’re the best places to maximize business growth.

Secondary real estate markets are excellent for home buyers because properties in these areas are significantly more affordable than those in the primary markets. Furthermore, these magnet markets are known for offering a luxurious quality of life, serving as some of the best places for residential property investment and long-term rentals for tenants.


Inter Properties Chicago - real estate investing,real estate market


Tertiary Real Estate Markets

Tertiary markets are at the bottom level of all the real estate markets. However, this doesn’t make them a bad investment choice. In fact, frequent investors looking to diversify their portfolios continue to rely on tertiary markets due to their steady growth.

These markets consist of smaller towns with a population of one million or less. Kansas City and Colorado Springs are excellent examples of such markets.

Kansas City, Missouri, USA downtown skyline with Union Station at dusk.


Real estate investing becomes significantly easier to understand and make when you’re aware of all the different types of investment markets, how they work, and why you should choose to invest in either of them. Choosing the right property management services can significantly help you as an investor if you’re trying to invest in multi-unit buildings or short-term rental investments.

Now that you know what each real estate investment market entails, you may be wondering where you can get the most exciting real estate opportunities to diversify your portfolio.


Fortunately, we at Inter Properties serve as a one-stop platform for real estate enthusiasts, offering real estate property management and a wide range of real estate investing opportunities, connecting you with buyers and sellers from every part of the world. 

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