Chicago Eviction Process

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One of the most awkward and frustrating things that a landlord has to do is evict a tenant.

When you are renting out your property, you give your tenant the legal right to assume control of the property during the lease period. Although this allows you to collect rent from tenants if things don't go smoothly, it can create a lot of problems for you. In this podcast, we invite industry experts to discuss how to get rid of bad tenants and what issues you may encounter when starting the eviction process. We understand that Chicago property owners may have a lot of questions for us, so we have discussed many common questions in detail below.

How friendly is Chicago when it comes to tenants?

What is the Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance, and what does it comprise? What are the general rights of a tenant in Chicago? What is the landlord's right of access, and how much notice do they need to give before they can enter a leased-out property? How is the security deposit managed? How much interest is there on a security deposit, and is it mandatory to pay it? What happens if you violate a lease agreement? What are the general duties of a landlord? What are some of the conditions that affect habitability, and can you give notice to them? What is retaliatory conduct by a landlord, and is it legal? Any insights into the Eviction Early Resolution Program? The importance of a good relationship between a landlord and the tenant The most important things to consider when getting a tenant for your property What are the main reasons for evictions? What does an eviction process entail? What to do when your tenant is not cooperating with the eviction process? How much does an eviction process cost? Can an eviction case ever go to litigation? What is money judgment? Is it possible to waive the money judgment in exchange for the possession of your property? Is it possible to represent yourself in an eviction lawsuit? Some instances when tenants won’t return the security deposit The biggest piece of advice for tenants The biggest piece of advice for landlords Speakers Denise Katerabik, your host for Profit Knocks Konstantine Shelegeda, the CEO and owner of Inter Properties. He has 30 years of experience developing and investing in real estate properties. Aleksandra E Fremderman, owner of AEF Legal PC and principal attorney specializing in real estate transactions, lender negotiations, commercial litigation, real estate litigation, tenant-landlord law, evictions, foreclosures, contract disputes, breach of warranty of habitability, property damage and personal injury. Resources from this Episode Profit Knocks on YouTube Inter Properties Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Aleksandra E Fremderman’s email: Aleksandra E. Fremderman’s phone number: 847-791-7357 Thank you for watching this episode, and we really hope you enjoyed it.


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