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Like most metropolitan cities in the United States, the crime rate in Chicago remains high. Homicides, gun violence, and drug dealing affect the South and West...
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Like most metropolitan cities in the United States, the crime rate in Chicago remains high. Homicides, gun violence, and drug dealing affect the South and West side neighborhoods of the city as well, resulting in residents getting increasingly worried. For property owners, this issue is even more concerning since they need to look out for the security of buildings under construction or the safety of their tenants.
In this guide, let’s take a look at why hiring security for under-construction as well as occupied and unoccupied buildings is important.

What are the Safety Risks Posed to Under Construction Sites?

Under-construction sites can be particularly lucrative targets for thieves and burglars. Chicago has witnessed many instances where vandals have gotten into an under-construction property and damaged it. In addition, under-construction sites are ripe targets for thieves who are looking to steal valuable raw materials like copper.

Another important reason to hire private security for an under-construction site is the safety of the workers. There have been situations when protest groups for employment and fairness have taken over the construction site and scared off the workers or shut down the construction site.

Aside from community advocates, there is also a danger of criminal organizations intruding on your property or asking the owners for money for building the site in their community.

In all of these cases, it is important to hire security personnel or a team that has extensive experience, particularly in law enforcement. If criminal activity is going on site, the security guard will first notify 911. He will then intervene and investigate the matter while help is on the way.

Why Do Occupied Properties Require Private Security?

It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that the safety of all the occupants of the building, as well as their guests, is ensured. One of the most important reasons why occupied properties need a private security guard is drug dealing. This includes smoking marijuana as well.

When it comes to market renters and public housing, many buildings have been designated as smoke-free. This means no tenant or their guests may smoke cigarettes, marijuana, or any other substance that results in smoke since the smoke can carry to the apartments of other residents through the ventilation system.

Another reason is unruly guests. A landlord needs to make sure that any person who visits the property will not cause a ruckus, will not damage the property, will not play loud music, and will not make a mess of the property in any way.

If any of these things happen, a security guard will write an Incident Report and submit it to the manager. The property manager will then deal with the tenants based on the severity of their infarctions.

Can Security Guards Serve as Process Servers for Evictions?

In some situations, it can be dangerous to go and serve someone an eviction notice. A security officer in a uniform and a body camera is a very effective way to hand the notice to an occupant. This way, if the tenant says in court that he was not given notice, the camera footage can be shown as evidence that the tenant was served.

In addition, if a landlord has property in a high-risk neighborhood, it can be dangerous for him to serve a notice to a tenant since some of them can be hardened criminals living in the unit. The situation can escalate very fast, which is why armed security personnel are the best option in these cases.

What to Look for When Hiring Security for Your Property?

When hiring security for your property, one of the most important things that property managers or landlords need to consider is to hire someone with the right specialization, like a security officer with experience in residential buildings.

These people understand what are the risks associated with a residential building, have experience in working out issues together with the property manager, and know how best to ensure the safety of the property and its occupants.

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