St. Boniface Church Project and General Development

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All over the world, people are buying old churches and renovating them into modern homes.

When it comes to renovating churches, the challenges can be tough and unique – developers need the support of the community and have to navigate various zoning laws and building codes. In addition, there is also the issue of preserving some of the church's structure. In this episode, we will talk with Mike Skoulsky, the owner of Stas Development and a real estate owner in the Chicago area, who will walk us through the process of renovating a 19th-century church, the St. Boniface Church, into modern condos as well as talk about general development.

Some of the major things that we will highlight include the following:
Background information about Stas Development and its owner, Michael Skoulski
The type of real estate projects that Stas Development has been involved in Understanding landmark constructions Information about Saint Boniface Church project of Stas Development
The process of going through a zoning change
Type of damage sustained by the Boniface Church over the years
The construction process of condos in the church
The details of the ceiling heights in the different condos
Some details about the process of designing the floor plan for the church renovation
Information on the units with the bell towers
The kind of community support around the project
The expected deadline for the first projects Phase two of the project involved buildings adjacent to the church Kind of obstacles faced when renovating the church
Type of church projects worked on previously
Types of opportunities Chicago presents for real estate development Working out which type of construction project is doable Advice for people who are looking to develop property in the Chicago area.

Speakers Denise Katerabik, your host for Profit Knocks Michael Skoulsky, a real estate developer in Chicago and owner of Stas Development, who is currently working on a project like no other in the world. Konstantine Shelegeda, the owner and CEO of Inter Properties. He has 30 years of experience developing and investing in homes and multi-unit real estate properties. Resources from this Episode Profit Knocks on YouTube Inter Properties Mike Skoulski LinkedIn Page Stas Development Facebook Page Saint Boniface Church Info Page


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